Tragedy? Travesty? Is It Reversible?

Net Neutrality Is Dead!

You are going to wish that there was more than one Internet provider in your area in the near future! The lack of competition will deepen the effect of this latest travesty to unknown levels.

Unless the FCC can reverse it’s abject stupidity of 2002 “when under Chairman Michael Powell it reclassified cable modem services as ‘information services’ rather than ‘telecommunications services,’ eliminating its own authority to regulate them broadly. Powell, by the way, is now the chief lobbyist in Washington for the cable TV industry, so the payoff wasn’t long in coming.”


From “Everything You Need to Know About the Net Neutrality Ruling”:

“It’s also possible that the FCC may try to reclassify broadband as a ‘telecommunication service,’ which would open the door for a whole host of regulations, including net neutrality rules. That in turn could spark a big political fight.”

Reversible? After a “big political fight?” Who’s kidding who???