Corporations Are NOT People!!! Or… The Future of America Was Our Children

If you don’t believe that a school district is some nature of business well, then, go no further.


A small bit of digging shows that ELEMENTARY school children had their lunches in their hands and those lunches were SEIZED from them and thrown away after some selfish cafeteria workers found out their parents SUPPOSEDLY owed money on their lunch accounts. Do you think anyone might have made the attempt to COMMUNICATE to a supervisor BEFORE taking the “law” into your own hands? These children were, after all, only ELEMENTARY kids!!!


This school principal claims she was terminated for standing up for ELEMENTARY school children who had their hands stamped to indicate their lack of funds in their lunch accounts (or their eligibility for free lunch). The school attorney calls her claim baseless yet there are other accounts that support her allegation that she was actually terminated for refusing to accept responsibility for a food services manager quitting who had continued the stamping after being told by the principal to stop it.

Any “business” that can treat our children (or their school advocates) like this has NO HEART, NO COMPASSION, NO  SOUL! And should NEVER be allowed to be called “HUMAN!”

And these school boards need to be held responsible for this stupidity…