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More Coal Ash… More Corruption

After Coal Ash Spill, North Carolina Rethinks Prior Paltry Duke Energy Water Pollution Fine

“After the third-largest coal ash spill in U.S. history at a shuttered Duke Energy coal plant, the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources is rethinking its proposed settlement with Duke over earlier groundwater contamination from two other coal ash dumps.

Under the deal, which may now be tossed out, Duke would have paid a fine of just $99,111. Lawyers for the agency have asked a judge to disregard this proposal.”

“Given Duke’s $19.6 billion in 2012 operating revenues, that’s the equivalent of fining a person with a $60,000 salary a total of 30 cents,” said Democracy North Carolina in a statement.

“North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory worked for Duke Energy for almost 30 years and still holds stock in the nation’s largest electric utility.

According to an analysis by Democracy North Carolina, McCrory received over $300,000 in direct campaign contributions from Duke-Energy related donors during his 2008 and 2012 gubernatorial races.”

“On February 2, a stormwater pipe under an unlined coal ash pond at a retired Duke coal plant in Eden, North Carolina, burst draining 82,000 tons of coal ash mixed with 27 million gallons of water into the Dan River.”

U.S. Attorney’s Office Probing North Carolina Officials

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Go Ahead – Drink This Water!

Once again… within a few short weeks of the last one, the lack of safety surrounding coal production has caused a second puking of life destroying chemicals into the streams of West Virginia.

This Is What It Looks Like

Credit Foo Conner/ @ iwasaround

Looks pretty bad.

Last year the President and CEO of Patriot Coal Corp., Bennett Hadfield, earned a total of almost $3 MILLION in compensation!


Information filed according to proxy statements for the 2012 fiscal year provided this compensation information for Patriot’s executives.

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Our Rivers Are Being Filled With Poison… for Greed!

Diary of a Dying Country

“Across the country,” reads the report, “fracking is contaminating drinking water, making nearby families sick with air pollution, and turning forest acres into industrial zones. We believe it is vital for the public to hear directly from people living on the frontlines of fracking, and so Environment America Research & Policy Center is supporting the Shalefield Stories project-a booklet designed and published by local activists where people impacted by fracking tell their stories, in their own words.”

One more article worth human lives!

Corporations Are NOT People!!! Or… The Future of America Was Our Children

If you don’t believe that a school district is some nature of business well, then, go no further.


A small bit of digging shows that ELEMENTARY school children had their lunches in their hands and those lunches were SEIZED from them and thrown away after some selfish cafeteria workers found out their parents SUPPOSEDLY owed money on their lunch accounts. Do you think anyone might have made the attempt to COMMUNICATE to a supervisor BEFORE taking the “law” into your own hands? These children were, after all, only ELEMENTARY kids!!!


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Bethpage Black #18

I love this golf course!!! I only worked here for about ten years as a young man as a caddy and later as the head starter. It was a blast! And I have even birdied this hole a few times!

Bethpage Black 18th Spring 2008

Tragedy? Travesty? Is It Reversible?

Net Neutrality Is Dead!

You are going to wish that there was more than one Internet provider in your area in the near future! The lack of competition will deepen the effect of this latest travesty to unknown levels.

Unless the FCC can reverse it’s abject stupidity of 2002 “when under Chairman Michael Powell it reclassified cable modem services as ‘information services’ rather than ‘telecommunications services,’ eliminating its own authority to regulate them broadly. Powell, by the way, is now the chief lobbyist in Washington for the cable TV industry, so the payoff wasn’t long in coming.”

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