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Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Beginning from nothing, success depends on doing all the things necessary to drive traffic to a classified site. Initially simply to grow traffic in ordinary and then extraordinary ways. Growing from unqualified to infinitely qualified. Mastering a change from “hoping to be profitable” to knowing exactly what the degree of profitablity will be.

Then… the next trick is to be able to dedicate the time to accomplish it. It will take a bit of time – I’m working on a free “Traffic” book download for your benefit. I WILL make it happen…

Out Of The Loop – Happy Advertising!

Too many years away from this medium have given me the misperception that I am out of the loop online. It has me wondering if that could be a good thing. My experience at my previous blogging network ended up such a complete negative, exhibiting the true obnoxiousness of some online personalities, and driving me down a path that has taken a while to escape from. It has however strengthened me somehow. All is now new again! I doubt I’ll be accepting any invitations from any so-called blogging networks preferring to do my own thing this time around. Free classifieds has always been my online focus since day one just like golf has been in my personal life. Which reminds me… I need to check to make sure I have sports equipment ad space available. Happy Advertising!

Random Online Advertising Thought

Google wants content. Well, I don’t have it yet. I’m trying to resurrect this domain that, in it’s heyday, saw enormous traffic through the Megaresponse advertising network. I will get there. Perhaps slowly in the beginning but picking up speed quickly. Thanks to the two folks who took the time to get us off the ground! Free and Paid classified advertising… the central location for your advertising needs. We’ll get you results…

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1 Stop Free Classifieds

Another of my favorites – 1 Stop Free Classifieds. As a Basic Member, you can post your classified ad in the category of your choice.

It’s Easy!

  1. Select your main category
  2. Select the sub-category to target specific market
  3. Type in your headline. (Max. 60 characters)
  4. Type in your website address (URL)
  5. Type in your advertisement. (max. 500 characters)
  6. Click “Submit My Ad button”.

That’s it! You may edit ad anytime you wish.

Post Your Classified Ad