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Corporations Are NOT People!!! Or… The Future of America Was Our Children

If you don’t believe that a school district is some nature of business well, then, go no further.


A small bit of digging shows that ELEMENTARY school children had their lunches in their hands and those lunches were SEIZED from them and thrown away after some selfish cafeteria workers found out their parents SUPPOSEDLY owed money on their lunch accounts. Do you think anyone might have made the attempt to COMMUNICATE to a supervisor BEFORE taking the “law” into your own hands? These children were, after all, only ELEMENTARY kids!!!


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Ductos Exemplos – A Reminder Michael Grimm

“In addition to Semper Fidelis, Marine Corps Officers also embrace the phrase Ductos Exemplo, ‘to lead by example,’ the motto of Officer Candidates School (OCS). Instructors look for candidates who display self-reliance, discipline and responsibility.”

From “Principles and Values – Officer Leadership Traits –

From this article it would seem you are not living up to these principles… particularly discipline and responsibility!

The Poverty-Stricken Average Joe Might Ask “Who?” And – So What?

And then… “As if you clowns are really going to do something about it because there is simply too much BS associated with your constant talk, talk, talk…” well, you get the idea.

Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would lift about 5 million Americans out of poverty, according to a study released earlier this month by University of Massachusetts-Amherst economist Arindrajit Dube, who signed the EPI letter.”

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Bethpage Black #18

I love this golf course!!! I only worked here for about ten years as a young man as a caddy and later as the head starter. It was a blast! And I have even birdied this hole a few times!

Bethpage Black 18th Spring 2008

I Once Knew A Man

Who would be happy to tell you that “the nightmare is over.”

He also taught those like me about trying and failing. What he said was that trying and failing, trying and failing, trying and failing, led to discouragement. He followed that by explaining that getting discouraged over and over and over led to quitting.

Quitting is a dangerous proposition for anyone of my nature. And I  am having repetitive moments of thinking of quitting. Which, thankfully, in my world today, provides ample reason to fight back.

Thank you Father Martin!!!

Tragedy? Travesty? Is It Reversible?

Net Neutrality Is Dead!

You are going to wish that there was more than one Internet provider in your area in the near future! The lack of competition will deepen the effect of this latest travesty to unknown levels.

Unless the FCC can reverse it’s abject stupidity of 2002 “when under Chairman Michael Powell it reclassified cable modem services as ‘information services’ rather than ‘telecommunications services,’ eliminating its own authority to regulate them broadly. Powell, by the way, is now the chief lobbyist in Washington for the cable TV industry, so the payoff wasn’t long in coming.”

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Facebook Ad Image Size To Text Limit

Grid Tool

“Ads that have more than 20% of text in their image won’t be approved to run in News Feed. Too much text can look like spam and make people think that your ad is low quality. Make sure to use the headline and body of your ad to tell people more about why you’re advertising and what you want them to do. Learn more about Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines.

Upload an image [below] to see how much text you’re using. After you upload an image, we recommend marking five boxes on the grid in order to determine whether your creative is likely to be acceptable to show in News Feed.”

Text Overlay


I was feeling concerned about this. I am very grateful I was able to quit the old-fashioned cigarettes a while ago but now many friends have been turning to these in a quest to quit smoking. I think it is just another form of self-destruction. This may be the first evidence I’ve noticed that would confirm my suspicions. And it’s almost 4 years old!

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